Grimes Changes Her Story about Defending Coal
. . . Again

by Andrew Johnson

Yesterday, I wrote about how Kentucky’s Democratic Senate candidate, Alison Lundergan Grimes, has been backpedaling on promises that she would use a D.C. fundraiser with Harry Reid last week to confront the majority leader on the Obama administration’s EPA regulations and defend her state’s coal industry.

After audio of the event revealed Grimes did no such thing, her camp is now saying she actually never planned to do so.

On Tuesday, a Grimes spokesman told the Associated Press that she took up the issue with Reid privately, and therefore didn’t break her promise. Discussing the issue in her speech was never part of the plan, he said.

The campaign had claimed that Grimes publicly stood up for the coal industry to donors, but audio obtained by Politico on Monday contradicted them.

Instead, her staff said she took up the issue with Reid at the event privately, which has also been disputed by those in attendance, given his late arrival and early exit. Politico’s Manu Raju said it would have been “impossible for them to have a conversation,” while someone who was at the event said “there’s no way” the two spoke about it. Sources say that Reid was only present for about 20 minutes, and video from American Rising shows him entering and leaving alone.

Both Grimes and Reid have since said they discussed the matter after the event, although it remains unclear how, when, and where they spoke.

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