Poll: GOP Candidate Up 10 over Quinn in Illinois Governor’s Race

by Andrew Johnson

Illinois’s Democratic governor Pat Quinn may just be the country’s most vulnerable sitting governor, according to a new poll.

Quinn, who has been plagued by dismal approval ratings during his time in office amid the state’s worsening economy, is currently trailing his Republican challenger Bruce Rauner, a businessman.

According to We Ask America, an independent polling firm, Rauner has a 47 percent to 37 percent lead over Quinn. Polls have consistently given Rauner the lead over the beleaguered Quinn in recent months.

Quinn, who succeeded Rod Blagojevich in 2009, has experienced some setbacks on the campaign trail as well. He is currently facing two separate investigations — one into the use of funds spent on an anti-violence initiative he launched during his last campaign; another into his hiring practices at the state’s Department of Transportation. He has also come under fire for tweeting a column in which the author compared black Republicans to Jews aiding the Nazis.

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