Christie Laughs—and Dances—Off ‘Bridgegate’

by Andrew Johnson

Chris Christie made light of the Bridgegate controversy on Thursday by showing off his dance moves in his first appearance on the Tonight Show since host Jimmy Fallon famously poked fun at the New Jersey governor.

Christie hit the dance floor with Fallon to show off the ”Evolution of Dad Dancing,” which included awkward moves like the “Lawn Mower” and the “Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around.” The two were having a good time until Fallon broke out the “This Bridge Is Closed” dance — finger-wagging and all — leading Christie to pretend to be angry and walk off. 

Later in the show, Fallon brought up the controversy and noted ”how mean and how rude people can be” about such matters, including on his show; when news of the lane closures first broke, Fallon and Bruce Springsteen, who Christie greatly admires, performed a parody of “Born to Run” mocking the New Jersey governor. Fallon apologized to Christie, and praised him for his resilience.

“I got to give a little respect for standing in the ring and getting hit like that — focused on what you have to focus on,” Fallon said. “It just speaks volumes of you — good for you for staying in the ring.”

Christie quipped that his family is probably more humiliated by his performance in the dance sketch “because I actually did that,” than by the accusations surrounding the controversy.

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