N.D. Editorial Board: When He’s Here, Obama Should Learn Some Lessons about Our Energy Boom

by Andrew Johnson

President Obama is making his first visit to Indian country when he visits Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota on Friday. He’ll also be in the home of the nation’s biggest economic boom, and a local paper wants him to take note.

In recent years, North Dakota seen huge growth in energy production — especially oil and natural gas — deliver it a surreal 2.6 percent unemployment rate and an economy growing at almost 10 percent a year.

That success has the Bismarck Tribune’s editorial board “scratching our heads” as to why the president doesn’t follow North Dakota’s example.

“Is the president skipping what some call the North Dakota economic miracle because the solutions aren’t coming out of Washington?” the board asks. “Or is it because the president’s Environmental Protection Agency just issued a costly new set of rules for all U.S. electricity providers that could adversely impact North Dakota’s energy costs and continued economic prosperity?”

The editorial goes on to highlight the state’s approach to energy production, which has meant economic growth and health revenues for the state. The Tribune also notes that North Dakota doesn’t impose burdensome regulations, but is consistently rated among the states with the cleanest air.

“They say a rising tide lifts all boats; in the case of North Dakota that tide is an available and affordable mix of homegrown energy resources,” wrote the board. “We welcome President Obama to North Dakota.”

“We only hope he will take a little extra time to learn about how bipartisan energy solutions can and should be implemented, and consider how policies coming out of Washington will either help or hinder the type of success North Dakota families and communities have experienced,” the newspaper concluded.

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