Will’s Take: Cantor Lost Because He Was the ‘Nexus’ Between House Republicans and Wall Street

by NRO Staff

The anti-cronyism movement played as much of a role in Eric Cantor’s stunning primary loss as opposition to comprehensive immigration reform did, George Will argued.

Cantor’s relationship with the financial industry and his support of institutions such as the Export-Import Bank became a “symbol of crony capitalism” for his challenger Dave Brat and his constituents, Will said on Fox News Sunday. As a result, voters wanted Cantor out.

“Cantor is the nexus between the Republicans in the House and Wall Street and the financial community, generally,” Will explained, as evidenced by his efforts to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank. “They’re all part of the conjuring of issues that said, ‘This man is an insider not paying attention to normal people.’”

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