Krauthammer’s Take: Intelligence ‘Trumps Justice’ When It Comes to Benghazi Suspect

by NRO Staff

Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspected terrorist linked to the 2012 Benghazi attack who was captured by U.S. forces on Sunday, should be questioned extensively before he is read his Miranda rights, Charles Krauthammer says. “What’s most important is intelligence — it trumps justice,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report.

He explained that the Ansar al-Sharia commander should be brought to Guantanamo where the U.S. government should obtain all the intelligence it can before he is tried in court. Reading his Miranda rights early is “an unnecessary unforced error that we should not inflict upon ourselves,” Krauthammer said.

“Justice trumps everything in domestic politics,” he said, “but in war, intelligence is more important.”

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