Cruz Responds to Hillary on Benghazi: The Truth ‘Is Not Partisan’

by Molly Wharton

Though Hillary Clinton told CNN on Tuesday that there are a lot of questions about the Benghazi attack that need to be answered, Senator Ted Cruz thinks that the former secretary of state is trying to block those answers from getting out. 

“It is not partisan to simply say we should get to the truth — that should be a bipartisan objective,” he told CNN. ”But unfortunately, Secretary Clinton from the beginning has stonewalled on this rather than acting as a partner to get to the bottom of what happened.”

In the aftermath of the attack, Cruz said, Clinton’s chief political aide Cheryl Mills told career foreign-service officers to not talk about what happened. He noted one of the basic questions that needs to be answered is:  ”Why did the administration tell the American people a story that was demonstrably false?”

Clinton views the issue “purely through the lens of partisan politics,” Cruz said. “We owe it to the men and women serving this country to get to the bottom, not to play politics with it.”

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