Another Poll of Opinions on Common Core

by Joel Gehrke

Ramesh’s take on the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll of Common Core opinions — “it doesn’t seem to me this poll shows more than that most people are not familiar with the controversy and that Common Core can be made to sound good,” he wrote — seems true, and perhaps corroborated by another polling result shared with me in the course of reporting on how Common Core was defeated in Oklahoma.

Four moms ran a grassroots political campaign against the standards over a four year period, that got especially intense in the last year. By May of 2014, 57 percent of likely Republican primary voters held an unfavorable view of the standards, nine percent had a favorable view, and 34 percent had no opinion, according to a poll conducted on behalf of a Republican campaign in the state.

Common Core was made to sound bad enough that, in an election year, the legislature repealed the standards and Governor Mary Fallin signed the law, despite her previous support for the initiative.

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