Cruz’s Enemies

by xiomara10tqhpltbkgi

Jay Newton-Small reports in Time that some of Senator Ted Cruz’s Republican foes are plotting “revenge” against him. I may be biased because I’m an old friend of Cruz, but these enemies seem like ninnies.

This revenge consists, first of all, of discouraging donations to Cruz and his allies. But how much discouraging has to be done?

By all accounts, Cruz’s push to shut down the government did not play well with business and corporate donors. “He’s the last person Wall Street would give money to,” says a big Republican donor.

So “revenge” here amounts to what was going to happen anyway. Not very scary.

Not only are business groups not giving to Cruz, they aren’t giving to many of the outlets that helped elect him, like the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Has SCF been getting a lot of business money up until now?

Newton-Small then talks about the revenge that could be wreaked on Cruz if he does not vote for McConnell for Senate Republican leader in a few months. So: something that was going to happen anyway, and something that could happen in the future, are the revenge. Oh, and angry quotes in the press* that will probably do more to generate fundraising for Cruz than to suppress it. How does that line go? Revenge is a dish best served stupidly?

* Newton-Small plays up this story more than I think warranted, but my only serious criticism of her reporting is that she quotes a former Republican aide, Kyle Downey, claiming that Cruz has broken his word to other Republicans, but neither she nor he provides any specifics to let readers evaluate the claim.

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