Chris Matthews: Former Officeholders Should Stay Quiet . . . If They’re Republicans

by Andrew Johnson

Former elected officials should stay out of the limelight after leaving office unless, of course, they are the Clintons or Carters, argued Chris Matthews. Matthews was responding to Dick Cheney’s recent Wall Street Journal op-ed criticizing Obama’s foreign policy, particularly in Iraq, as well as Cheney’s formation of an organization to oppose that foreign policy.

“We used to have a protocol in this country that when you left office after your eight years in the White House and the vice presidency, you left town — you got out of town,” Matthews said on Morning Joe on Thursday.

Joe Scarborough fired back that neither Bill Clinton nor Jimmy Carter have been shy about weighing in on policy. “There’s a decent interval — this guy hasn’t been decent,” Matthews responded.

Both George H. W. and George W. Bush have largely refrained from commenting on domestic or international issues since leaving Washington at the end of their terms.

Matthews also praised Fox News’s Megyn Kelly for her confrontational interview with Cheney the night before. Her willingness to confront conservatives was the latest example of Kelly “earning her spurs as a journalist” he said.

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