MSNBC’s Reid Warns Viewers Before Airing Clip Including the Word ‘Redskins’

by Andrew Johnson

MSNBC is hardly known for its self-censorship, but when it comes to the name of the Washington Redskins, the network is very careful not to use it.

On Wednesday, after news that the Patent and Trademark Office had canceled the team’s trademarks on the name, host Joy Reid, who had bravely declared she would not dare utter the team’s name earlier, forewarned viewers of an upcoming clip that they would hear Harry Reid utter the word “Redskins.”

“I will just warn people that he does use the name of the team, so I’m just going to warn you guys about that in advance,” she said, bracing the audience.

At least one of Reid’s colleagues has gone to equally great lengths to avoid using the word in order to protect viewers’ gentle ears. Last year, Rachel Maddow refused to say the team’s name, and referred to them as the “Washington R-Words” for an entire segment.

Via Red Alert Politics.

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