Krauthammer’s Take: ‘So Many Errors, so Little Time’ in Iraq

by NRO Staff

“I’ve got to say, so much error here, so little time,” said Charles Krauthammer on Thursday’s Special Report, commenting on the Obama administration’s response to the Iraq crisis.

Asked to comment on Obama’s announcement that U.S. troops won’t re-enter combat in Iraq, Krauthammer said: “That’s a way to appease Obama’s domestic left. It is always a mistake to say ‘x is off the table.’ You can believe it, you can stick to it, you can tell people in private, but you don’t announce it. I can assure you that if there is a Tet-offensive-like assault on the embassy in the Green Zone, there will be combat troops on the ground, otherwise we’re going to have a Benghazi squared.”

Later, responding to a fellow panel-member, Krauthammer said, “There’s no reason you have to say it. You leave it open, you leave it unsaid, you leave it ambiguous. Let the other guy stay up at night worrying about it.”


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