Will’s Take: No Plan to Reduce ISIS ‘Footprint’

by NRO Staff

On Thursday’s Special Report, George Will criticized the Obama administration’s acquiescence to ISIS presence in Iraq. The president’s hopes that Iraqis will “set aside their sectarian differences” are unrealistic, he added. Will also expressed  concern that U.S. pressure to remove longtime Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki from power is reminiscent of the end of the Diem regime, which precipitated further U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Will said:

Well, I’m struck by two things that the president said. First he said we must have as our goal to prevent ISIS from having a broader footprint, which concedes that there’s no plan afoot — and no plan to have a plan afoot — to take away the footprint they’ve already got, which is substantial. Second he said — and this was mind boggling — that he hoped Iraqis would set aside their sectarian differences. It’s like expecting the French to set aside wine and cheese. It’s what defines Iraq, are the sectarian differences. 


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