Ryan Shuts Down IRS Commissioner: ‘I Don’t Believe You’

by Molly Wharton

Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) isn’t buying the IRS’s story about its employees’ missing e-mails.

“This is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving any confidence that this agency is being impartial,” he said during the IRS investigation hearing on Friday.

“You are the IRS,” Ryan told IRS commissioner John Koskinen. “You can reach into the lives of hardworking taxpayers, and with a phone call or an e-mail or a letter you can turn their lives upside down. You ask the taxpayers to hand us seven years of their personal tax information in case they’re audited, and you can’t keep sixe months’ worth of employee e-mails?”

He noted that Koskinen learned of the supposedly crashed hard drives months ago, but just disclosed the information on Monday after being asked. “This is not being forthcoming. This is being misleading again,” Ryan told Koskinen. “I don’t believe you.”

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