Krauthammer’s Take: IRS Playing ‘Adversarial Game’ with Lerner Emails

by NRO Staff

The arrogance by the IRS commissioner, as well as the Obama administration, following the agency’s revelation that it deleted e-mails central to the investigations of its alleged targeting of conservative groups is “what’s really rankling people,” Charles Krauthammer said on Friday’s Special Report.

Putting aside the validity of whether the emails are totally erased, Krauthammer said the commissioner could at least acknowledge the frustrations caused by their absence, but instead defiantly claimed the agency had nothing to apologize for during a recent congressional hearing. Instead, the administration has played an “adversarial game” with the Congress throughout the process.

“That’s why people feel there is a true scandal underneath here because of the way in which they are concealing, and delaying, and stonewalling,” he said.

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