This Is HUGE

by Jonah Goldberg

I got an e-mail from the Democratic Majority Pac, headlined “Jonah ⇰ THIS IS HUGE:”


The poll show what we’ve known all along – people are sick and tired of the Tea Party and their constant obstruction.

Americans want a Democratic majority because they know that Democrats will deliver the results that will help move our nation forward.

But Democrats can’t win without stopping the Tea Party.

And Democrats can’t stop the Tea Party if we don’t have every single one of you stepping up and supporting our efforts before the FEC deadline on Monday.

Can you contribute before it’s too late?

Let’s do this,

Democrats United 2014


There are lots of links in this e-mail. But there’s one link missing. The first sentence says “The poll show” [sic]. But there’s no actual poll in the email. You’d think that if the polls or a poll showed such a thing, they’d include it. 

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