Fulminations ’r’ Us

by Jay Nordlinger

Well, maybe I should speak for myself — but Mona is pretty vigorous in this podcast too. We began by talking about France: its glories and its inglories (so to speak). That leads to discussion of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which has decided to divest from Israel. This is not just an annoying little piece of political correctness. It is dark.

Then there’s Lois Lerner and her crashed e-mails. Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon’s secretary, would envy the tameness of Lerner’s press. We talk about Hillary Clinton, who can go southern-fried. In her speech, I mean. I look forward to hearing more of this in the coming campaign. What will Harry Reid say about her “dialect”?

Anyway, there are many topics. Toward the end, we take up some musical topics. For instance, the Metropolitan Opera has decided not to broadcast The Death of Klinghoffer. I’m nervous about this decision, but I fulminate against the opera — not the opera itself, but the idea of the opera. (You’ll see.) I also fulminate against “Baby Got Back” at the Seattle Symphony. I like the rap, and I like the Seattle Symphony. But I dislike the mixing (the Sir Mix-a-Lotting).

Finally, Mona is studying Tchaikovsky’s Chanson triste, which she thinks is a sappy little piece of syrup. Even Homer nods, and even Mona misjudges: See (hear) what you think. Again, for the podcast at large, go here.

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