by John J. Miller

Gay activists at Northeastern Illinois University are demanding the school rename Lech Walesa Hall, following an interview last year in which the former president of Poland and hero of anticommunism belittled gay members of his country’s parliament. Matt Lamb has the story at The College Fix:

Gay-rights groups on campus responded by protesting the naming of the hall. According to multiple articles on CNN’s iReport citizen-journalism website by Mike Lackovich, a gay student at the school who organized a protest against the hall’s name two weeks ago, the administration has disregarded requests for a name change.

Lackovich claims that keeping Walesa’s name on the hall could potentially lead to an increase in suicides by gay students, and that honoring him is analogous to burning crosses or swastikas on campus. He chided the administration for continuing the “homophobia” and argued that President Sharon Hahs would be OK with a “Hitler Hall” on campus.

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