Report: Brooklyn College Rejects $10M from Koch Brothers

by Ian Tuttle

The New York Post reports that Brooklyn College has rejected a $10 million offer from the Koch brothers to expand the institution’s School of Business. The college has denied that any such offer was made, but business professor Mitchell Langbert, who says he was contacted by the Koch Foundation, excoriated School of Business administrators for repulsing the gift and even penned a letter to the New York Senate Education Committee.

Charles and David Koch, who own and operate Koch Industries, have become a source for regular outrage from the Left. Liberals have protested their $25 million gift to the United Negro College Fund, their $1.5 million gift to Florida State University’s economics department, and even their $100 million gift to New York-Presbyterian Hospital to fund a new wing for cancer patients. Harry Reid, as regular Corner readers will know, has made a pastime of vilifying the Kochs on the floor of the Senate.

N.B. to prospective collegians: If you’re looking for a genuinely open-minded academic experience, Brooklyn College may not be the place for you.

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