Will’s Take: Important Question of IRS Scandal Is How High Up It Goes

by NRO Staff

The important question regarding the IRS investigation is how high up in the administration the scandal goes, George Will says. 

“That there was targeting of these groups is not disputed,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report. “The question that makes this interesting and the question that a special prosecutor would pursue is where does this lead, how high up does this go.”

Will noted that people have been saying that nothing has connected the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups to the White House, but he questions that. 

He recalled the Watergate scandal, which he said never would have been connected to President Nixon but for the tapes that showed him plotting obstruction of justice. Will explained that if Nixon had burned the tapes as people advised him to, he would have served his full time. “Something equivalent to burning the tapes may have happened with the hard drive of Lois Lerner,” Will said. 

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