Krauthammer’s Take: IRS Scandal Means Either Incompetence, or Corruption

by NRO Staff

The IRS scandal of Lois Lerner’s missing emails demonstrates at best incompetence, and at worst, corruption, Charles Krauthammer says. 

He reiterated on Tuesday’s Special Report what MSNBC’s Mike Halperin said, that if this occurred under a Republican president “this would be screaming headlines.” Krauthammer referred to “the using of the IRS as an instrument corruptly to harass organizations of the opposite ideology and party,” and also what has happened since, which he called “the slow walk and the stonewall and the delay.”

“The best interpretation is that this is rank incompetence for losing of these records,” Krauthammer said. Added to the VA scandal, he said, this incompetence “undermines the idea of big government” and exposes the Democrats as unable to run everything. 

If not incompetence, Krauthammer explained, “it is corruption, with a president who pretends without any evidence there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption.”

He noted that in the absence of a special prosecutor, we may never find the answer. “Give Lois Lerner immunity so she has to tell the truth​,” Krauthammer insisted. “That may be the only way to find out.” 

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