When the Obama Administration’s ‘War on Women’ Talking Points Stopped Working

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The biggest sign of victory this morning at the Supreme Court I noticed was watching the NOW/NARAL Hobby Lobby opponents grow faint after initial “we’ll be back” chants. When they piped up again, they actually adapted a Students for Life theme: They took the pro-lifers’ “We are the Pro-Life Generation” chant and announced “We are the Pro-Choice Generation.” Good luck with that as science and education makes clear what exactly the choice they insist on so adamantly is, really and truly.

Outside of the Court this morning, one pro-life, pro-religious-liberty lawyer observed, clearly not for the first time in a few decades: Women come to the Supreme Court and scream about their ovaries. Is this really what it’s come to? Is this really who we are?

And she didn’t see what was on Twitter. It’s nothing new, as we’ve seen before at feminist rallies. But how about a generation that cares about women and freedom and health care that insists on something better? That’s something we can find common ground on, isn’t it? Why settle for tired talking points? Talking points that don’t even make sense — opponents of Hobby Lobby were talking about staying out of bedrooms, while supporting an administration that insists that those who oppose abortion provide abortion-inducing drugs to their employees. What should the Little Sisters of the Poor ever have to do with contraception and abortion?

Here’s some of the raw reaction — not family friendly — from Twitter when I checked the #HobbyLobby hashtag earlier. I include them here because surely we can do better and ought to insist on it as a matter of civil public discourse:

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