Thanksgiving Day Outside the Supreme Court:

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

That much-played Pharrell Williams song “Happy” could have been part of the soundtrack outside the Supreme Court this morning. 

I got to there a little before 10 a.m. Once I got beyond the name-calling and attempts to obscure what was going on in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods cases, what I saw is joy. And lots of joyful women. They were optimistically hoping and praying and chanting for a win and when news broke that the majority opinion was written by Justice Alito, there was immediate happiness and relief.

Let’s start with the moment the news of the win was announced: 

The “Pro-Life Generation” was out in force: 

A delighted Helen Alvare from Women Speak for Themselves speaks:

And as the George Mason law professor gives it a closer read:

Emily Hardman from the Becket Fund — who represented Hobby Lobby — and Charmaine Yoest from Americans United for Life:

Cathy Ruse from the Family Research Council:

The winning legal team:

And overview of the crowd from the steps of the Court:

Not quite as happy:

(Of course if birth control is not your boss’s business, shouldn’t their beef be with the Obama administration insisting it is?)

“Team Life” on a day with some hope for the future of life and liberty:

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