Will’s Take: Illinois Law Court Struck Down Was an Attempt to ‘Manufacture Public Employees’

by NRO Staff

The 5–4 ruling by the Supreme Court today in Harris v. Quinn dealt a blow to public-sector unions in Illinois, a decision that will cripple union growth generally, George Will said Monday on Special Report

The Supreme Court ruled that public-sector unions in Illinois cannot collect fees from home health-care workers who don’t want to be part of a union. Will noted that nearly all growth in union membership in recent decades has been within public-sector unions, a political and financial boon for the Democratic party that gives it the incentive to “manufacture public employees” by broadly construing who counts as a state employee and thus, a public-sector union member.

With the aging population, providing home care as Pamela Harris, the plaintiff in the case, does has become “a huge industry,” Will said.

He continued, “We have seen in the state of Michigan when they no longer allowed them to be swept into these unions what happened: People fled the unions in thousands.”

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