Meriam Ibrahim Still Isn’t Free

by Andrew Johnson

Meriam Ibrahim thought her nightmare — sentenced to death by the Sudanese government for her conversion to Christianity — was over, but she may be stuck in the country for some time now, following new charges.

In May, while she was pregnant, Ibrahim was sentenced to death for allegedly converting to Christianity and marrying a Christian man. A higher court overturned that sentence last week and freed her, but when she tried to leave the country, Ibrahim and her family were stopped for using forged documents, which were provided to her upon her release by the American and South Sudanese embassies. (Her husband is a South Sudanese native and holds American citizenship.)

Ibrahim and her attorneys raised suspicions about the accusations and suspect they were intentionally given false documents. (Read Joel Gerhke’s reporting for NRO on how the State Department is handling these allegations.)

In the meantime, Ibrahim’s half-brother Al Samani Al Hadi is trying to charge her again with violating Sudanese law by not keeping to the Islamic faith.

He has filed new apostasy charges, and a trial date is set for Thursday, according to Fox News. If the court rules in his favor, Al Hadi will have some legal rights over Ibrahim, according to her attorney.

Ibrahim also fears that her newborn daughter, who was born while Ibrahim was in prison, may be disabled as a result of her experience.

“I gave birth chained,” she told CNN. “Not cuffs but chains on my legs. I couldn’t open my legs so the women had to lift me off the table.”

“I don’t know in the future whether she’ll need support to walk or not,” Ibrahim said, and doctors have expressed similar concerns about the infant.

Ibrahim and her family are currently residing at the United States embassy in Khartoum.​

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