Report: UT President Is Out

by Kevin D. Williamson

For those of you who have been following the University of Texas admissions scandal here and elsewhere, and the equally scandalous impeachment of the UT regent who asked uncomfortable questions about favors given to friends and family of Texas politicians, the Dallas Morning News reports that UT president Bill Powers is being shown the door.

It’s worth noting that among the prime movers in this sorry episode is Jim Pitts, chairman of the Texas House appropriations committee and a Republican — a reminder that Republicans are not always on our side, and that politicians’ first loyalty very often is to their own interests.

For Governor Rick Perry, attempting to reform the self-satisfied and corrupt little fiefdom that is the Texas state university system has been a thankless task, winning him many more enemies than friends, but it is a vital one. It is also another example of the fact that being a governor is a more difficult thing than being a senator, something that conservatives should be keeping in mind in 2016

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