Good Times at Plymouth Notch

by Rich Lowry

While the rest of you were celebrating America’s Birthday, I was in Plymouth Notch, Vt., where everyone was multi-tasking — marking not just America’s Birthday, but Calvin Coolidge’s. If you are into small-town July Fourths, you can’t do better (or smaller) than this. The whole picturesque place is about five buildings, including the Coolidge homestead where he was famously sworn in as president and the Coolidge museum. It is still redolent of Coolidge’s virtues — of modesty, honesty, and faithfulness. The tradition is that there is a procession to lay a wreath on his grave and then (this is a revival) a reading of his autobiography in its entirety. Thanks to our friend (and NRO columnist) Amity Shlaes and the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation for having me.

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