McDaniel Soldiers On

by Eliana Johnson

Down in Mississippi, Chris McDaniel is still fighting his race against Senator Thad Cochran. His lawyer, Mitchell Tyner, said Monday he was confident the campaign would turn up enough fraudulent ballots to swing the results of the election. Cochran won that race by approximately 6,700 votes and Tyner told reporters he “would be surprised if we don’t find 6,700″ bad ballots.

Volunteers on Monday began reviewing all of the ballots cast in Mississippi’s runoff election in an effort, weeks after the the conclusion of the contentious race, to show that McDaniel is the legal victor.

McDaniel has yet to concede the election. Tyner told reporters that among the ballots being reviewed are “several thousand” cast by ineligible voters. Mississippi law prohibits anybody who voted in the Democratic primary earlier in June from crossing over to vote in the Republican runoff.

The McDaniel campaign served notice on the Cochran campaign on Friday that volunteers would be viewing the ballots. If it does challenge the election results, it will first do so with the state Republican committee, which is set to certify the results of the race early Monday evening. Ten days later, the campaign can appeal for judicial review.

“We are surprised at the amount of evidence that continues to come forward that shows us that there has indeed been election fraud in this case,” Tyner said.

Tyner hasn’t always been a Cochran foe: A former Republican gubernatorial candidate — he lost a primary to Haley Barbour — he still features a picture of himself with Cochran on his website.

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