Krauthammer’s Take: Hillary Clinton Will Have to Make Her Campaign about Bill’s Administration, Not Obama’s

by NRO Staff

Hillary Clinton must balance her presidential campaign strategy between defending President Obama’s foreign policy decisions as his former secretary of state and distancing herself from him since his approval ratings have been down.

She may be cautious about throwing him under the bus, but Charles Krauthammer said Monday on a Fox News Special Report, “I think she ran over him in neutral, and she is staying right on top of him.”

Krauthammer believes Clinton’s strategy is “obvious and clear,” saying her previous position as secretary of state is detrimental to her campaign from a historical perspective, so she will piggyback on her husband Bill Clinton’s past administration.

She can point to the prosperity and peace characterizing the decade of Bill Clinton’s presidency, implying a similar forecast for her potential term. Whether the glory of the 90s was due to her husband is “irrelevant” for this implicit message, Krauthammer explained.

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