Morning Joe’s Halperin: Obama ‘Not Doing the Job We Hired Him to Do’

by Andrew Johnson

Comparing President Obama’s handling of the surge of immigrants on the border to President Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina is off-base, according to MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin. While the failures in the aftermath of the hurricane were a shared responsibility between state and federal governments, the crisis on the border falls solely on the federal government, he said.

Halperin emphasized that “governance matters” in situations like these, and said he expected the president to use his upcoming visit to Texas to address the matter and potentially visit the border. If he didn’t, it would be a blow to the president’s credibility and authority.

“If he’s in the state and isn’t being hands-on, not just the optics are bad, but he’s not doing the job we hired him to do, part of which is manage the crisis like this,” Halperin said. 

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