Cornyn: Obama Should Come See Border Crisis for Himself

by Molly Wharton

Senate minority whip John Cornyn (R., Texas) thinks that Obama needs to visit the border in order to truly understand the current immigration crisis and come up with a viable solution.

“Only by visiting the border and visiting firsthand and seeing with his own eyes and listening with his own ears to the professionals who are working there . . . will he be able to get a good idea of not only what the problem is but what the solutions are,” he said from the Senate floor Tuesday. 

Cornyn noted that last year alone 414,000 people were detained on the southwestern border from 100 different countries. “This just isn’t about people who have no hope and no opportunity trying to come to the United States from Mexico and trying to get a job,” he explained. “This is about uncontrolled immigration through our southwestern border from all over the world.”

He said that though most of the immigrants do come from Mexico and Central America, people also travel from countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, where terrorists are active. 

“I think president Obama needs a wakeup call,” Cornyn continued. “He needs to realize that the situation along the border is not as rosy as perhaps he is under the impression that it is.”

The senator also said that the president will be in Dallas this week for fundraising, which is just 500 miles away — a one-hour flight – from the border.

“This is worthy of the president’s attention and worthy of a presidential visit,” Cornyn said.

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