Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Has No Policy for Immigration Crisis

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer thinks that the Obama administration’s response to the border crisis is focused on the politics, not the policy — as you’d expect from this president.

“This is a microcosm of the Obama administration,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report. “We have a crisis of policy, and instead all the debate and argument, all the back and forth is about the optics, the politics, and the presentation.”

Krauthammer noted the debates over whether to call it a crisis or a humanitarian situation and whether the president would do a photo-op on the border or with Rick Perry. Meanwhile, the influx of immigrants is “a huge problem,” he said. “The president has done nothing – he either doesn’t know what to do or he wants it to go ahead the way it is.”

He explained that Obama’s request for nearly $4 billion from Congress to fix the problem is “a way to absorb all these people and not do anything to stop the influx.” 

“He doesn’t have a policy . . . and instead, as with everything in this administration, all we talk about is the PR and the language,” Krauthammer concluded. 

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