Iran Foreign Minister: We Don’t Want a Nuclear Weapon; Netanyahu Calls Claim ‘a Joke’

by Andrew Johnson

Iran does not see “any benefit” in developing a nuclear weapon, according to the country’s foreign minister, but Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t buying it, and urges other countries to follow suit.

Appearing on Meet the Press, Mohammad Javad Zarif told David Gregory that he is willing to “commit to everything and anything that would provide credible assurance to the international community that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons,” and is only interested in an energy program. He emphasized that Iran is willing to gradually phase in its program if that provides the international community more assurances of Iran’s intentions.

​Later in the morning, on Fox News Sunday, Netanyahu called Zarif’s claims “a joke” and “a sham.”

“Of course they’re developing nuclear weapons,” he said, pointing to the billions of dollars invested in to the program. “If they wanted to have just civilian nuclear energy, they could have it without centrifuges for enrichment, without plutonium — these are only used for nuclear weapons.”

Furthermore, Netanyahu warned that Iran is more than just a terrorist state, but “a terrorist empire” due to its support and backing of terrorist groups across the globe.

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