End of Crabbiness

by Jay Nordlinger

Nick, thank you for your Corner post — and, even more, your superb little essay on the LeBron affair. I should have expressed myself less crabbily last night. (Reporting a story from Maine, I had a lobster roll for dinner, preceded by clam chowder. No crabs, though.) (No vulgar remarks from the peanut gallery, please.)

As a Detroiter (sort of), I feel the Clevelanders’ pain. The Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings have spurts of greatness. The Lions, never — at least in “modern times.” Also, Cleveland has not had much to cheer about, municipally, for too long a time. (Although Cleveland, by comparison with Detroit, is 19th-century Vienna.)

The loss of LeBron to Miami must have stung terribly. And the manner in which he left was deplorable. His return, I’m sure, is cause for jubilation. But I would remind Clevelanders, my fellow Midwesterners, that economy of emotion is, historically, a Midwestern trait.

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