Capitalism and Democracy

by Yuval Levin

This November, the Hertog Foundation will be hosting a two-week seminar course in New York on “Capitalism and the Future of Democracy.” The course is part of the superb Hertog Advanced Institutes program. If you’re a student or a young professional with an interest in economics, politics, and the character of the free society, you should consider applying. 

I’ll be teaching the first week, which will focus on the philosophical foundations of democratic capitalism. With some help from Aristotle, Locke, Smith, Marx, Croly, Hayek, and others we will think through the complicated relationship between economics, morality, and politics. It will be worth your while to put up with me because the second week will be taught by the great Christopher DeMuth, and will focus on key contemporary debates at the intersection of politics and economics—with help from Joseph Schumpeter, Irving Kristol, Thomas Piketty, and more. 

Applications are due by August 1. And you can find some more details here

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