GOP Rep.: Central American Leaders Want Obama to ‘Clearly’ Say Children Can’t Stay in U.S.

by Andrew Johnson

The presidents of Guatemala and Honduras want President Obama to send a clearer message to families in their countries that they should not send their unaccompanied children to the United States, said one member of Congress who recently met with the leaders.

On Fox News on Tuesday, Representative Kay Granger (R., Texas), who also heads a House group tasked with addressing the border crisis, said Guatemala’s Otto Pérez Molina and Honduras’s Juan Orlando Hernández revealed they hadn’t heard from President Obama since the crisis began. She asked both of them if they thought a strong statement from the president about how their countries’ children could not stay in the U.S. would deter people from from sending their children on the risky journey.

“They said that could be very helpful, and did not indicate that was happening,” she said.

Additionally, Central American leaders are willing to work with the U.S. government to bring the children back and put them in safer circumstances.

“They want their children back, and they’re willing to cooperate with us to send the children back as quickly as possible,” Granger said. “We need to change the law, do everything we can to get them home.”

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