by Jay Nordlinger

Reading Mona Charen’s excellent column today, I had a memory. The column is about the Left’s typical charge that Republicans are “heartless” because of their views on immigration — in particular, this immediate crisis on our southern border.

My memory was of the early ’80s, when Governor Mario Cuomo was becoming a national celebrity by saying that Republicans in general, and President Reagan in particular, lacked compassion. He was Joe Compassionate. We were scrooges and grinches.

Bitterly, I said, “I’m tired of hearing yelps about compassion from champions of abortion on demand.” I said more, too, but I think I’ll stop at that. (Dr. Johnson, remember, said that he was tired of hearing yelps about liberty from the drivers of slaves. That remark stings me, as an American, but you can hardly gainsay it.)

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