Krauthammer’s Take: Blumenthal Abortion Bill Is a ‘Sham and a Show’

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer thinks that the proposed Blumenthal abortion bill, which would eradicate restrictions and regulations on abortion, is a purely political move, and a flawed one.

“It’s all about politics,” he said of the bill on Tuesday’s Special Report, “and I think it’s a miscalculated politics.”

Krauthammer thinks “there is no chance in the world” that the bill will be passed into law, noting that Harry Reid will not even allow a vote on it in the Senate. “Even if by a miracle it did pass,” he said, “there is no way it would survive constitutional scrutiny because it is such a violation of federalism.”

He explained that the national consensus approves of contraception, and so as a Democrat “if you can make contraception the issue…you are going to win.” But on abortion, he said, the country is always conflicted, and so if this bill is taken seriously it will be a “backlash” against Democrats.

Krauthammer asserted, though, that the bill is not serious. ”This is supreme cynicism on the part of the Democrats,” he said. ”At every level, it’s a sham and a show.” 

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