On Paul Ryan: ‘These Are Chuck Schumer’s Talking Points’

by Joel Gehrke

Representative Paul Ryan’s dismissal of charges that his preferred immigration policy amounts to amnesty relies on “Chuck Schumer’s talking points,” according to a congressional aide who opposes comprehensive immigration reform.

“These are Chuck Schumer’s talking points,” the aide writes. 

“Probation” is code word for instant amnesty. And the idea that we have a “labor shortage” is preposterous. Unemployment is through the roof. Americans are losing jobs to cheaper workers brought in from poorer countries. There are now 30 million legal immigrants in the U.S., many without education. Does Ryan want to make that number 60 million? His idea of “immigration reform” is not curbing the flood of immigration but expanding it without limit. Why doesn’t he want to help citizens of the USA who don’t have jobs?

“Ryan also wants more temp foreign laborers for big technology corporations, even though it has been widely documented these companies are denying jobs to qualified Americans who deserve them,” the aide continued. ”We graduate the best American IT workers in the world but they can’t find find work. Shouldn’t these jobs go to US citizens fighting to pay their mortgage and fund their bills?”

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