Maryland Governor: Immigrants for Thee, but Not for Me

by Ian Tuttle

There plenty of reasons to disapprove of Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, but add this to the list. Politico reports:

Martin O’Malley says that deporting the children detained at the border would be sending them to “certain death” — but he also urged the White House not to send them to a facility in his own state.

Hours after the Maryland governor and prospective 2016 presidential candidate became the most prominent Democrat to criticize the White House on the issue, Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz called O’Malley to complain.

But before they hung up, O’Malley told Muñoz not to send any of the children to the facility in Westminster, Md., that the White House was looking at. It’s a conservative part of the state, he warned. The children were at risk of getting harassed, or worse, he said.

There are two options here, neither of which is flattering. Either (1) O’Malley is a generic-brand left-wing hypocrite who is ready to welcome the huddled masses until they yearn to breathe free in his state, in which case, no thank you, sir; or (2) O’Malley has so successfully cloistered himself in the governor’s mansion in Annapolis that the only conservative he has ever seen is some 2D caricature version on MSNBC. Which is it, governor?

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