♫Run Liz Run♫

by Andrew Johnson

The super PAC Ready for Warren has come up with a catchy little ditty to encourage Massachusetts’s freshman senator to jump into the 2016 presidential race. The folksy chorus goes as follows:

Run, run, run, run, Liz, run;
You gotta run for the office, and get the job done.
Run, run, run, run, Liz, run;
We need a president; we need President Warren;
A president; we need President Warren.

The song includes other memorable lyrics, such as “We need a leader who won’t stop stand for all the Wall Street bullsh*t”; and “People think that the system is rigged, because it is.” But perhaps no verse is better than the concluding verse:

So you’re rich? That’s fantastic, and God bless,
But there’s just a couple of things Liz Warren won’t let you forget.
Nobody got rich on their own, not nobody;
Everybody needs bridges and streets to succeed.

Even her harshest critics are sure to get this number stuck in their head.

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