Netanyahu: Hamas Committing ‘Double War Crime’

by Andrew Johnson

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu thoroughly rebuked the premise of George Stephanopoulos’s question that Palestinian civilians have nowhere to seek cover when Israel is “hitting from all sides.” Netanyahu fired back that Israel is going to great lengths to warn civilians of incoming attacks, and that Hamas is preventing civilians from protecting themselves.

“Hamas wants to kill civilians on the Israeli side, and the amazing, grotesque, and gruesome fact is they want to have as many civilians killed on the Palestinian side because it gets you to ask me these questions,” Netanyahu said on This Week. “What they’re doing is a double war crime — it should be condemned with the most forceful action.”

He went on to compare Hamas to several leading terrorist organizations, including ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Hezbollah. “They don’t give a whit about the Palestinians, and all they want is more and more Palestinian deaths,” he said.

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