Senator Dianne Feinstein: Germany Has to Lead Against Russia

by Joel Gehrke

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) called on Germany to lead an international campaign to pressure Russian president Vladimir Putin to abandon his support for the pro-Russian separatists who shot down a commercial jetliner Thursday.

“I think the world has to rise up and say we’ve had enough of this,” Feinstein told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “I think Europe has to come together. I think Germany in particular has to lead. I think we have to continue with sanctions. That’s difficult, because you need Russian help in so many things — the P5+1, Syria, and a lot of our energy is tied up in Russia, but you cannot let this kind of thing happen.”

Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking on Meet the Press earlier Sunday morning, brusquely dismissed the suggestion that President Obama has set an “uncertain course” for his foreign policy.

“What he faces, maybe, is a problem with a bunch of critics who want to jump to conclusions without looking at the facts,” Kerry told NBC’s David Gregory. “But the facts could not be more clear: The United States of America has never been more engaged in helping to lead in more places than we are now,” he said, citing events in Syria, Iraq, and North Korea, among others.

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