Palestinian Party Leader Cites Kerry’s Open-Mic Comments

by Celina Durgin

Mustafa Barghouti, the general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative party, accused Israel Defense Forces of targeting civilians tonight, following an interview Fox News did with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he argued that Hamas has been responsible for the civilian deaths.

Barghouti called the invasion of Gaza an act of aggression by Israel against struggling Palestinian civilians. As evidence, he cited U.S. secretary of state John Kerry’s private remark caught on a microphone on Sunday suggesting that Israel’s military tactics haven’t been “pinpoint” as they claim.

The U.S. is vulnerable to charges of hypocrisy, Barghouti said, unless it is “truthful to itself and its people” about the reality of the conflict. Barghouti’s party is a small minority faction in the Palestinian Authority’s legislature that positions itself between Fatah and Hamas.

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