An Interesting Chapter

by Jay Nordlinger

Hillary Clinton is one of the most famous women in America, and perhaps the most famous woman. (Who is ahead of her, Oprah? Beyoncé?) She has been in the spotlight for some 25 years. And yet parts of her biography are unknown, or under-known.

I mention such a part in my series on Dinesh D’Souza (which continues today, here). Hillary Rodham worked for the law firm of Robert Treuhaft in Oakland, Calif. Treuhaft was a Communist, and so was his law firm. It was a classic Red law firm. Treuhaft was married to one of the Mitford sisters, Jessica (also a Communist), and our David Pryce-Jones knew them. In fact, he stayed in their house.

He once asked why Americans were so incurious as to why Hillary picked the Treuhaft firm, “out of the many thousands in the country.” Americans are incurious indeed — at least the media are.

Has Hillary Clinton ever been asked to talk about this chapter in her life? Ever been pressed on it? To my knowledge, no. Maybe as she runs for president once again, the time is right.

Look, there is not necessarily great shame in a leftist past. As I note in my Dinesh series, half the founding editors and writers of National Review were ex-Communists, and they were the best anti-Communists imaginable. But they had gone straight. They were absolutely open and honest. How about Mrs. Clinton?

To be continued (maybe) . . .

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