Lincoln, the Founders, and YouTube

by Richard Brookhiser

The trailer for my forthcoming book, Founders’ Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln, is up on YouTube, here. Think of it as the 90-second version of a 97,000 word book.

The quotations from Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson are, in order, from: the Second Inaugural (scourge of war); the Second Inaugural (malice toward none); the Gettysburg Address (four score and seven years ago); Parson Weems’s Life of Washington (all I ask of you); the Declaration of Independence (we hold these truths); Notes on Virginia (I tremble for my country); the Peoria speech (our republican robe is soiled)

All the presidents were voiced by one actor, Chuck Montgomery. I told him Washington is a Virginia gentleman exhorting his troops, Jefferson is a Virginia gentleman, and Lincoln is an ex-hick.

NB Rich, Ramesh, Jay, Kevin and all my colleagues in long-form scribbling: This is the future of publicity, coming to a book near you. 

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