Bloomberg: Traveling to Israel Is Safe, and the Ban Empowers Hamas

by Molly Wharton

After the Federal Aviation Administration banned U.S. flights to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg flew to Israel on an El Al flight yesterday in order to demonstrate that he believes traveling to the country is safe, and to express his solidarity with the Israeli people.

“Compared to the security at American airports, security at Ben Gurion airport is infinitely better,” he told Fox News. 

Israel has been under threat since it was founded in 1948, he explained, so the country takes “security much more seriously here and on El Al and around the world than we do in America.”

The FAA made the decision after a rocket landed within a mile of the airport on Tuesday. “If you closed down JFK every time something dangerous happened within a mile or so of Kennedy airport,” Bloomberg explained, “we wouldn’t have a city.”

Bloomberg also explained that the ban empowers Hamas. “If we let terrorists frighten ourselves into closing travel to different cities around the world, the economies of the world will collapse and terrorists will have won,” he said.

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