Krauthammer’s Take: U.N. Statement on Missing Rockets Illustrates Corruption

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer commented on a recently released statement from the Secretary-General regarding missing rockets placed in a U.N. school in Gaza. The statement shows how “corrupt and corrupted” the U.N. is, Krauthammer said to Brett Baier on Wednesday evening’s Special Report. The statement expressed Sec-Gen. Ban Ki-Moon’s “outrage and regret” at the placement of weapons in an UNRWA school in Gaza. But Krauthammer was quick to point out that Ki-Moon’s shock and outrage was “preposterous.” He begged the question, “How do you smuggle 20 missiles into a classroom?” and joked, “What did Hamas do, put them in a golf bag? Walk them in and say he is preparing for the Gaza Open?” 

The U.N., Krauthammer insists, has been collaborating with Hamas for “years and years.” He continues on: “They know that there are missiles in the schools, in the hospitals, in the mosques, and they know what’s going to happen. Kids will be killed and that’s going to be on television.”

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