Poll: Most Nevadans Disapprove of Clinton’s $225K UNLV Speaking Fee

by Andrew Johnson

University of Nevada–Las Vegas students aren’t the only ones taking issue with Hillary Clinton’s $225,000 speaking fee for an upcoming visit: Nevada voters are too.

A new poll by WPA Research finds that nearly twice as many likely Nevada voters think it was “unfair” of Clinton to accept nearly a quarter-million dollars for her appearance: 55 percent say it is unfair, while 29 percent feel it is fair. Among independent voters, the percentage that feel the high fee is unfair is slightly higher at 57 percent, with 24 percent saying it is fair.

Notably, half of women in Nevada also think the fee is unfair.

Nevada is a crucial primary state and swing state in the general election, one that Clinton will surely want to do well in should she choose to run in 2016. Clinton, who will be on campus in October for a school foundation fundraiser, is accepting the money at a time when tuition on campus is going up by nearly 20 percent.

Last month, UNLV student body president Elias Benjelloun called on Clinton to donate all or some of her fee to the university, according to Politico.

Clinton has come under fire for being out of touch following comments last month that she and her husband were “dead broke” after leaving the White House. Following her claim, numerous media reports shed light on Clinton’s grand lifestyle and steep speaking fees: She reportedly received $275,000 for a speech at SUNY Buffalo last year.

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