Minnesota Vikings’ New Stadium Deemed a ‘Death Trap’ for Birds

by Andrew Johnson

At least it’s not a wind farm.

The Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium is a “death trap” for migrating birds, according to the Minnesota Audubon Society. The team’s new home, which is currently under construction, will feature approximately 200,000 square feet of glass.

Expected to be completed by 2016, the stadium will be located in downtown Minneapolis near the Mississippi River, a major corridor for migration.

But the team and the Minnesota Sports Facilities said it will not spend an additional $1.1 million to install bird-safe glass; the state currently has guidelines for including this type of glass, but they were adopted after plans for the stadium got underway, according to the Star Tribune. This announcement did not sit well with the conservationist organization.

“We’re talking about a billion-dollar stadium here, and the cost to save perhaps thousands of migratory birds — and make the Vikings a global leader in green stadium design — is about one-tenth of one percent of that,” said the Audubon Society’s executive director. “Hundreds of millions of dollars of public money is going to build this stadium, and we know the people of Minnesota do not want their money killing birds.”

The team will work with the organization and others to help protect birds, including by increased lighting at the stadium.

No word if the stadium’s design will help the Vikings when they play the Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, or Seahawks.

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